My Interview with Olivier Rousteing creative director of Balmain

My Interview with Olivier Rousteing creative director of Balmain

2015. november 03. - SMIZEDIVAT by Chaby


My exclusive interview with Olivier Rousteing designer of Balmain #HMBalmaination. I want to thank you again H&M and Olivier for giving me the opportunity to interview. I really appreciate it. 


Three questions to Olivier Rousteing:

What type of man is the H&M x Balmain collection made for? Picture a man wearing the H&M x Balmain collection key pieces, please tell me where he’s living, what he is doing, where he is going?

I am so excited by the men’s Balmain x H&M collection, because menswear is something really personal to me. It’s the way I like to dress, and how I like to see my friends and my icons dressing. It’s about how much I have grown both as a person and as a designer, and also about how much menswear has changed in the last five years. When i started as creative director of Balmain, my menswear was much more cautious, but with each season men have become more confident and more daring in what they wear. They want from us the same daring that they see in the women’s collections, and our menswear is now so strong. When I think about someone wearing the Balmain x H&M collection, I think about his attitude, and how he’s unafraid to show himself to the world. He can be anyone, anywhere – what counts is his confidence and his strength. I can’t wait for the Balmain x H&M collection to hit the stores, so I can see men around the world wearing the collection in their own way.


What kind of exciting materials and details are we going to see in the men’s collection? Can we expect the iconic Balmain embroidery?

You have to know that if you collaborate with H&M, there can be no compromise on anything. It has to have the same richness, the same uniqueness, and the same attention to detail that you expect from Balmain. I love pieces like the black on black blazer with the intricate rope detailing. It’s such a special piece, really beautiful and elevated, just like the hand-embroidered metal thread patches on the leather jacket. But every single detail is important to me, from the zips on the leather jackets and the buttons on the shoulders of the sweaters. Every single piece in the collection has the true Balmain DNA.

As a true fashion addict blogger I like to mix elegant pieces with sporty accessories with a hint of a dandy gentleman. If you could pick something out for me from the collection, what would you choose?

This collection is perfect for you! I love how there are so many different sides to the Balmain man, and they are all represented in the Balmain x H&M collection. There’s the slouchiness of the hip-hop guy, the attitude of the performer on stage, the elegance of the new dandy and the streetwear of the sporting hero. There are so many pieces that’d be perfect for you, you should really get the whole collection. Start with the imposing coat with such an amazingly masculine silhouette. Contrast that with the velvet blazer, which is such a Balmain signature and is an essential for the modern dandy. Underneath you can wear something simple like the cotton jersey long-sleeve T-shirts that give the blazer such a different attitude, and mix it with the black tailored utility trousers that have got a real hip-hop slouch to them. On your feet, wear the sneakers. On your head, the beanie. Don’t forget the backpack, and that is a complete look for you from Balmain x H&M.


Three questions to Ann-Sofie Johansson:

1, What kind of factors have you considered in the collaboration?

With each of our designer collaborations, we want to capture the true essence of a brand. We give each designer complete creative freedom to design the collection, and then it's our job to produce the first samples before we begin a series of fittings. When we agreed to collaborate with Balmain, we knew that we would have to push ourselves to get the Balmain essence in not just the embellishment and detailing but also the fabrics and powerful silhouette. Everyone worked so hard on this collaboration, and Olivier was deeply involved in every piece. It's great when in the end-result you can see that all the hard work was worth it.


2, If you had to pick three iconic pieces, what would you choose?

The great thing about the collection is that every piece is incredibly strong. It's hard to pick just three, but if I had to, I'd choose the white blazer with black lapels, because it's the piece that Olivier wore himself when he announced the collaboration at the Billboard Music Awards. Then I'd pick the black and white chevron sweater because it's so bold and strong, and is such a simple way to make a real statement this winter. Finally I'd pick an accessory: the metal tipped boots. They really show how menswear has become so much more adventurous recently. I could mention so many other pieces, because we're proud of every single one.


 3, What kind of fantasy name would you name this collection?

We don't need a fantasy name, because we have one in reality: #HMBalmaination. On November 5th we're all going to be watching the hashtag so we can see what everyone is buying as the collection reaches stores all around the world.

Exclusive photos about the collection HERE

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